Channel Drain & Grids

4 August, 2016
Caleira e Grelha 2

Channel Drain with Grid

Caleira e Grelha

Channel Drain with Disassembled Grid

Function: Waste collection 
Specifications: With pendant / Recessing on the floor / Grids built in stainless steel bars / Removable for cleaning and maintenance /                               Resistant to the passage of heavy vehicles such as a forklift / It can be built as a siphoned channel drain /
Actuation: Manual
Structure: 18/8 Stainless Steel / Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Dimensions: Channel Drain:
200x200mm / 250x250mm / 300x300mm
Width: 100mm; 150mm; 200mm; 250mm; 300mm;
Height: Variável entre 20mm a 25mm
Accessories/Options: Different sizes and measures