Slicer – Filet 611

12 July, 2016
Slicer-611_Castellvall-320x320 copy

Perspective View

Function: Slicing and stacking cured meat, fresh meat and cheese 
Specifications: Machine made according to the European Directive 2006/42/CE /                                                                                                                                         Exit conveyor-belt for easier manual placing the slices in the packing machine /                                                                                                                                       Product presentation: single thin cut, thick single cut (pieces), stacked, staggered stack, staggered, endless staggered, folding. The number of slices in each group may be varied according to requirements, as well as the length of the portions and the separation between portions. (Possibility of manual adjusting the height of the exit conveyor-belt) / The product to be cut is attached to a gripper carriage with automatic handling, pneumatic / Buttons in output conveyer belt to pause, reset cycle or to download product of the conveyer belt /                                                                                                 Easy adjustment of all settings using the touch sensitive screen placed on the control panel with a capacity for 50 recipes /                                       Orbital and circular cutting system, with independent motors, and programmable speed to facilitate to cut all kinds of products.
Actuation: Automatic
Structure: Stainless Steel AISI 304