Climatic Maturing Units – Airmaster KKRI Climaster

18 July, 2016

Perspective View - Airmaster KKRI Climaster

Function: Climatic cold-smoking pre-maturing unit
Specifications: It works under the principle of circulation of air conditioning /                                                                                                                                                       Maturing units with cold smoke generators that pre-cure, dry and cold smoke are ideal for natural and fast curing of sausages and cured ham /         Designed for the areas of saturation, pre-curing, drying, climate smoked, cure and post-cure /                                                                                                                       Temperature values between +16ºC and +28ºC (40ºC to 50ºC for hot smoking) and relative humidity of 65% to 97% /                                                                 Includes a high precision control ClimaControl and an automatic cleaning equipment / Environmentally friendly /                                                                   High precision control without error possibility / Digital panel for control of the values /                                                                                                                                 Programs and data inserted via touch keyboard fully protected against moisture / 
Structure: Stainless Steel 
Accessories/Options: Made by measure