Climatic Maturing Units – Airmaster KRAI Climaster

18 July, 2016

Perspective View - Airmaster KRAI Climaster

Function: Pre-maturing unit
Specifications: It works independently of weather conditions, with air conditioning circulation / Low energy consumption /                                                   Always accurate temperature and humidity values, according to the set value, due to its very precise control /                                                                                 Designed for curing, drying and post-curing all types of uncooked sausage and cured meats /                                                                                                                       Temperatures values between +16ºC and +28ºC and relative humidity of 97% / The central ventilation system is the heart of the Airmaster /             The air returning from the chamber is treated, cooled, heated, dehumidified or humidified /                                                                                                                           The accuracy of this system allows you to perform the work with a reduced energy cost /                                                                                                                               Compared with other climate control system, where its climate programs work in the same direction and in continuous mode, the Airmaster KRAI works with smart control MC, which carries only the desired climatic condition, when it is necessary. This makes it more efficient, with a lower cost and higher product quality /
Structure: Stainless Steel
Accessories/Options: Made by measure