Control Units – Unicontrol 100

22 July, 2016
UNICONTROL 100-fe71b029

Front View - Unicontrol 100

Function: 2.7" Oled screen with a resolution of 128x64 px and 16 gray scales. 6 Buttons. 
Specifications: The optional Lan (RJ45) or RS485 interface allows you to transfer information between the Unicontrol 100 and a computer /           With the display of the Reich Master Control program, you can network the controls in order to monitoring of the program, temperature and humidity curves, processes, etc /                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               With the Reich Remote Control control system you can operate and monitor the Master Control program from anywhere (via Internet) /                     The number of steps and programs can be set individually. 99 Steps in total, bet a maximum of 30 programs. 1 Manual Program /                                         Easy and systematic adjustment of configuration data / Programmable processes /                                                                                                                                             2 x galvanically separated, analogue inputs programmable as Pt100 (with 3-cable connection with automatic line compensation), all as thermal elements standardised according to DIN EN 60584, including type K: NiCr-Ni, Pt100 or as digital inputs /                                                                                   Mini-USB connection for programming, configuring and firmware updating / 4 LED buttons (red) for status display /                                                                     2.7" OLED screen with a resolution of 128x64 px and 16 gray scales / Stainless steel frame / Programmable target values /                                                     Program memory remains saved if there is a power failure / Process run time from 00h:01min to 99h:59min or permanent operation /                             Pre-selection period (start time) settable by real time clock/date / Sensor flaws are displayed / 5 Limit value alarms /                                                   Changing of the measurement unit ºC - ºF / Optional Ethernet connection (LAN RJ45) / Optional RS 485 connection /                                                               Optional networking for visualisation and recording according to HACCP possible, with REICH MasterControl /
Structure: Stainless Steel AISI 304
Accessories/Options: 3 Control Units available