Cooking Vessels – KochMeister

25 July, 2016
Kochkessel 1-d6dff332

Perspective View - KochMeister 

Function: Cooking vessel for industrial companies 
Specifications: High quality, stable design, made entirely in stainless steel / Thermal insulation / Optimal heating and heat distribution /                   Either electric, gas, oil or steam heating / Cover insulated with silicone seal and safety grip /                                                                                                                           Unicontrol 100: Precise and modern multifunction controller for operating temperature, core temperature, pre-selection and working time /           Special size without surcharge / Special designs upon requests / Optionally in hygienic design HERMETIC /                                                                                         The KOCHMEISTER HERMETIC was developed for special market niches, requiring special conditions of sealing and hygiene. This cooking unit only works with steam heating / 
Structure: Stainless Steel AISI 304
Accessories/Options: Available in all sizes form 200L to 1500L