Intensive Cooling Systems – Airmaster KK and IKK

18 July, 2016
Airmaster KK und IKK-36bd2957

Perspective View - Airmaster KK and IKK

Function: Intensive cooling units
Specifications: The Aimaster IKK and KK series consists on intensive cooling units for fast, safe and economical cooling of the cooked products /     The validity and quality of the products are higher as a result of the passage of the product for critical reaches of temperature /                                     The chamber has the same quality as the Uk series chambers / Inside the equipment are integrated cooling pipes with a battery sprayer / The integrated shower ensures that the product cools down economically and effectively at a first stage /                                                                                                     Then follows the intensive cooling phase, in which they activate the cold evaporators /                                                                                                                                     Lower the temperature of the product to the desired temperature (5-7ºC) /                                                                                                                                                       This avoids the unnecessary loss of weight and extends the validity of the products / The chamber can be equipped with a backing function / Control Valve
Structure: Stainless Steel
Accessories/Options: Made by measure